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JC Flow “Identity Crisis” Album Release this Saturday

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Ripynt drops The Hurt Locker Deluxe

Looky looky, Ripynt’s shifty new album “The Hurt Locker Deluxe” is off it’s cloud and in that place where it’s going to make mad money. Even if you’re numb and spacey from that devil juice, breakthrough and step into the … Continue reading

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Episode 14 – 3 Hour L.A.C.O.S.A. & Friends TAKEOVER Freestyle edition

We have EVERYONE in the studio with us this week! LuciferChrist releases new beats from his coming beat CD release and there are freestyles galore! Also, beats from Trae Beats, Traumah Beats (, Q Dot, Produktive, Grynch, and Jake One. … Continue reading

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On 1′s FREE birthday bash – July 14th in Tacoma, WA – Dope lineup!

Screwed Loose host, Sadie’s Fight co-founder, bacon lover, family, friend, dope ass individual, On1, is celebrating his birthday! If you were at his party last year, you already know it’s going the eff down. They don’t call him On 1 … Continue reading

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Episode 13 with Ray Dalton

This week we have Ray Dalton in the studio! You may recognize him from Sol’s “Need Your Love,” Dyno Jamz’s “Kingdom Come,” or maybe Macklemore’s “Can’t Hold Us.” He’s got a special track that he just released today, but you … Continue reading

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Episode 12 – Interview with Raz

Brand new face and sounds on the show this week with Raz from Black Umbrella, and we get a sneak peak at his unreleased tracks and he gives us a live performance impromptu in studio! Raz is an amazing artist … Continue reading

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New video for Ripynt’s “Shifty”!

Check out the new video from Ripynt, this one is a little Shifty!  

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Break Out the Bowties, Denim, and Cashmere for Tru Fam

Sha and Just I are not your average, run-of-the-mill twin brother hip hop duo from New Jersey. Actually, they’re the only twin brother hip hop duo from New Jersey, at least that I’m aware of. On a serious note though, … Continue reading

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Episode 11 – Graves & Produktive EP release, Produktive in the studio

We go balls deep on this episode with Produktive from Seattle super group L.A.C.O.S.A. and we play some hot, brand new tracks from Graves’ new EP “Jason Herbavorhees” produced by Produktive. Tune in for his killer Off the Top Hip … Continue reading

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