Lantern In The Sky

Huge shout out to our huge supporter and close friend MikeDrastic for recording such a beautiful song for the Sadie’s Fight cause, and the cause of every other person who has lost someone they love. This song is incredibly moving, and DJ Phinisey did an amazing job on the hook! Check it out

New Produktive – Remix of Macklemore’s “Can’t Hold Us”

“The ones that will like this are probably the ones having fun with this music. Get used to it, this kid isn’t done yet.” – Produktive Don’t get me wrong, I like the Macklemore and Ray Dalton version where most of this beat came from, but I gotta hand it to Produktive for this fuckery. […]

New Season of Screwed Loose!

Tomorrow is our last show for Season 1 of Screwed Loose, but never fear! “Next season” we’re doubling the show time, bringing on new co-hosts and we will be doing interviews and segments like “Off The Top Hip Hop” and “Around the Sound Shows” so make sure you keep listening! We’ll be starting the new […]

“IDGAF” video by Produktive, Directed by On 1

Check out the new video I shot for Produktive, he’s a beast!

Produktive IDGAF video teaser

I just shot and edited a video for Produktive for his track called “IDGAF” and it’s pretty raw. Here’s the video teaser for it, we’ll be dropping the finished video soon