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Screwed Loose Episode 49

Tracklist: “A Mid-Summers Day Drive” by Ripynt & Sinic ft Jazz Digga “One Life” by Un The Rhyme Hustla ft Nick The Slick “Back @ Long Last” by Luck-One and Dekk ft Immaculate “I’m Gone” by Second Family “Champion” by … Continue reading


Episode 48

Tracklist: “Superdope!” by Mad Rad “Step On My Trip” by Dub FX “Robots Don’t Have Feelings” by The Breaklites “Reality Check” by AD “Game Genie” by Greydon Square “Story To Tell” by Fice “Keys To The City” by JC Flow … Continue reading


Podcast Episode 047

Tracklist: “Intro (to Excuse the Interruption)” by Mack E “Final Notes” by Greydon Square “My Position” by Produktive “How To Save The World” by J E “Boogie Man” by Grieves “Yesterday (FutureFuzz Remix by Teal)” by JC Flow “Out On … Continue reading


Screwed Loose Podcast Episode 46

Tracklist: “The City” by Mack E “Sick Thoughts” by Produktive “The Road” by MikeDrastic “Karma” by Un the Rhyme Hustla ft Outrageous Intylekt Instrumental “Her Ways” by Fame Rilla “Bless Me” by Mic Phenom “If It Ain’t About Music” by … Continue reading


Produktive Freestyles and Interviews with On 1

Check out this freestyle and interview session Produktive has with On 1. You can find all of his music and contact information at

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