Episode Farewell – Goodbye to Magnetic, Miss Tac Talk as guest

It’s our last episode of Screwed Loose! Magnetic made it back in for one last hoo-rah, and Miss Tac Talk came in to reveal our announcement of our new show coming in February! Tune in one last time and listen to what you been missin!   Tracklist: A King Also – Marmalade Skies Skrilla ft […]

Episode Poetry – J to tha E

We got J to tha E in the studio this week and he laid down an AWESOME brand new poem that he had just written! We also played lots of cool jams too, tune in this week and listen to what you been missin!   Tracklist: Spac3man – Flya Dena Muf*Ka John Crown ft Action […]

Episode Hawk Gang – Duranged Pitt

This week we had Duranged Pitt in the studio and played TONS of music! We were still able to get a dope Lightening Round in with Pitt though, tune in and listen to what you been missin!   Tracklist: J to tha E – How to Save the World Graves33 – Let Go Of The […]

Episode 4 Tay Tickets – Pink Bead & Tim Me

This week we only have 2 call-ins, and no in-studio guest. First up, a hip hop/high energy trio called Pink Bead, who have a CD Release party coming up this Friday at Barboza with Keeping Secrets, Sky Pilot, MC S.A.V. and Jay Barz. We also get long time friend of the show, Tim Me, on […]

Special Podcast-Only Episode – “Underrated” album debut from Carl Roe and Ripynt

Special podcast-only episode of Screwed Loose with Carl Roe and Ripynt to debut their brand new (and currently unreleased) album “Underrated” and we play it in it’s entirety. Ripynt also brought his sons in with him to join in the fun, and we all learn what parenting is all about when we get to talk […]

Episode Chance of Intelligence – J.U.I. & Chance from NW Metal Zone

The first hour of this week’s episode was completely programmed by Chance Pittenger, the host of The NW Metal Zone on NWCZ Radio. You might be asking “What does a metal head know about independent hip hop?” and that is exactly what we intended to find out! And as it turns out, metal heads happen […]

Episode Clenton Dub – Clent from Blue Room Music and Dub FX

This week is a whole new incredible episode with new music and an interview from the Australian street-performing badass Dub FX, and we bring NW local Clent in to the studio for some antics. New music to hear, including an unreleased track from Dub FX! Tune in and listen to what you been missin!   […]

Episode BRZO SKRATCH – NW Skratch Artists & BRZOWSKI

We had one hell of a show this week! In Studio, we got 6 NW Skratch DJs (including guys from the Beep. Ahh. Fresh. crew and DJ Cues) taking turns ripping up 3 turntables they brought in, we also do a call-in with On 1’s doppelganger BRZOWSKI all the way from Portland Maine, and On […]

Episode Spekulative Corina Perry – Spekulation, Corina Corina & JG Perry

We got Spekulation back on the show via phone this week and talked to him about his latest project “Doc Watson” then we called the East Coast and spoke with singer Corina Corina about her new project “Eargasm” and everything else she’s got coming up. JG Perry, formerly known as Carolina Blue, stops by the […]

Episode 350 Degrees Farenheight to bake that Dough – First Degree the DE and Doughkain

This episode, we get Sacramento rhyme spitter First Degree the DE on the phone and talk about his new album FU4 and he speaks briefly on his beef with Brotha Lynch. Then Tacoma UDC representative Doughkain comes in with his cousins YT and Kwon to talk about their music, upcoming projects and the past and […]

Episode X + Y * HipHop(Music) = Jon Salt & Imaginary Friends

An excellent episode with Jon Salt in the studio and a call in from Imaginary Friends! We always have a good time with Jon Salt and family with us, and he’s got incredible new music to share with you! Tune in and listen to what you been missin   Tracklist: Mad Rad – Party Mountain […]

Episode 11 – Mack E

We got Mack E in the studio for a round of lightning, he performs new material live for us, we play some GuessHerMuff.net, and we get to debut some unreleased Produktive. Need I say more? Listen to what you been missin.   Tracklist: Todd Sykes – The Crowd Rockwell Powers ft Grynch & Ra Scion […]

Episode Dirty Alliance – Dan Valdes & Ceme from the A.B.L.

This week we got one of the Alliance Battle League’s chairman, Ceme (Cemetary), on the phone with us to talk about the huge event they’re throwing next Saturday Sept 28th at The Loch’s called Test Run, where they’re bringing in battlers from Texas and Utah to face some of the heaviest spitters in our area. […]

New Video – Jon Salt “It’s Still Love”

Brand new video from Jon Salt for his song “It’s Still Love” – great shots for a pretty simple video, we love it! Check it out

P.A.T. covers Macklemore’s “Can’t Hold Us” on the guitar

Check out this dope instrumental cover of Macklemore’s “Can’t Hold Us!”